The contest

OVS has given Elio the task of conveying all of the magic of opera: an all-Italian cultural and design heritage meant to be discovered and enhanced. And to introduce to young people in an unprecedented version.

Elio (of "Elio e le Storie Tese") will be the "artistic manager" of this edition and accompany the five selected singers to the "Amadeus Factory", the first talent show dedicated to young musicians of the Italian conservatories, promoted by "Amadeus", in the creation of a CD containing ten famous opera arias. The CD will be distributed as an attachment to the February 2019 issue of the magazine, the leader in Italy in the field of music information. The five most deserving young musicians will also be awarded the OVS Arts of Italy scholarships, which will allow them to participate to major post-graduate courses. Elio, moreover, will host the final evening of the talent show.

And here is how a very important chapter in the history of music culture and Italian prestige takes the shape of a contemporary dialogue between the classic and the modern. Elio is the perfect link, the link between two worlds that are not mutually exclusive, but rather that communicate, as in this occasion, to convey a concept of excellence to an audience of youths, many of whom continue to see opera as a "dusty find" belonging to other times.

Amadeus Factory

Amadeus Factory, created by Biagio Scuderi, is the first talent show dedicated to cultured music created in Italy that is able to bring to the attention of the public a new generation of musicians, still undergoing their training. A precious occasion to discover the greatest talents of tomorrow and exhibit in a different way, less stereotyped, the hard and modern career of the musician.