The project

OVS Arts of Italy, a project set up in cooperation with the creative team of Davide Rampello & Partners to capitalise on the masterpieces of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage, has reached its third edition. This year, the aim is to bring the world of fashion closer to the world of theatre and opera.

"I love this edition of Arts of Italy because it creates a connection between the classic and the contemporary" - says Stefano Beraldo, Managing Director of OVS. "Classical music and opera can be a formidable source of inspiration for singers and musicians, as they certainly were so for Queen and many other rock bands. The ability to draw inspiration from the classics has always been a challenge for young people and also a lifeline for their creativity. With Arts of Italy dedicated to opera, Ovs wants to allow people to draw on Italy’s theatrical and music traditions through a very contemporary clothing collection."

"For this edition of the project," says Davide Rampello, artistic director of OVS Arts of Italy, "we have chosen to make the most of an Italian cultural excellence that belongs to the great wealth of our living cultural heritage: The lyrical theatre, the pride and symbol of our artistic and artisanal traditions, is in fact still a living and fascinating world that stands out for its unique characteristic and richness of being able to condense in itself an extraordinary multiplicity and variety of arts and skills: from the music to the singing, from the technical workers to the creative professionals, in which Italy, the country that holds the highest number of theatres in the world, has always boasted absolute supremacy ".