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Even today Italy is universally considered the homeland of opera and there is no classical music lover in the world who does not dream of entering - at least once - one of our wonderful theatres, magical places that exert a charm which is impossible to resist. In fact, Italian opera not only made the "bel canto" famous internationally, but it has also contributed to the spread of our language throughout the world, and to making known some of the masterpieces of our immense architectural heritage.

Project custody, works iconographic research and content production by Greta Carandini and Tania Di Bernardo. Photos Scala Firenze 2018.

La cenerentola

Dramma giocoso in two acts

After the death of her mother Cinderella is forced to work as a maid, doing the housework for her stepfather Don Magnifico and her stepsisters Clorinda and Tisbe, while secretly dreaming of redemption.
One day she meets Prince Ramiro who, disguised as a valet, falls in love with her. With the help of his master Alidoro she goes to the ball in the palace where the prince declares his love for her and chooses her as his bride.

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Anna Bolena

Tragic opera in two acts.

In Windsor Castle, King Henry VIII of England, married to Anne Boleyn, is in love with another woman, Jane Seymour, Anne’s lady-in-waiting, who is torn between loyalty to her mistress and her love for the King. Anne, convinced by her brother to meet an old love, falls into Henry’s trap, who, knowing of the feelings between the two, takes advantage of them and accuses his wife of being unfaithful, repudiates her and marries his new young love

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La Traviata

Melodrama in three acts.

La Traviata, a lyric drama, tells of the passionate love story between Alfredo, a rich young man, and Violetta, a Parisian courtesan. Alfredo’s family, worried that Violetta wants to deprive their son of his riches, asks her to relinquish her beloved. Social prejudices divide the two lovers, who are united by the truth and love only a few moments before Violetta’s tragic death.

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I Capuleti e i Montecchi

Opera in two acts.

Inspired by the famous Shakespearean tragedy, the opera tells the story of the secret love between Romeo and Juliet. Their love is hindered by their respective Veronese families, the Capulets and the Montagues, who have always been rivals in a never-ending conflict that causes disagreement, intrigue and the tragic death of the two lovers.

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Madama Butterfly

Tragic opera in three acts.

During his stay in Nagasaki, Pinkerton, an officer in the American Navy, marries the geisha Cho-Cho-San (Madame Butterfly). But the marriage for the American is just a game, unlike Butterfly who really is in love with him, so much so that she gives up her faith and family. After disappearing for years, the officer returns to Japan, but this time accompanied by a new wife and Butterfly, deeply disillusioned, kills herself by stabbing herself in the chest with a dagger.

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